Due Diligence & Condition Assessment

We provide our clients total control over all of the necessary professionals and resources required so that your vision becomes reality.  We coordinate all elements of your construction project in a seamless continuum of services.

These comprehensive array of services provide the solutions you need to address even the most complex situations.  Whether you desire us to walk with you from start to finish or just simply assist with a specific task, we will be there for you at any stage.

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  • Strategic business planning and validation of client interest
  • Establish negotiation priorities and timeline
  • Comparative location analysis
  • Property ownership structure evaluation
  • Legal search and review of title and survey
  • Zoning, land use and entitlement analysis
  • Confirmation of government support
  • Review existing management and operations agreements
  • Audit of existing accounts and sales
  • Review existing insurance coverage’s
  • Marketing strategy and tenant strategy research
  • Appraisals and valuation
  • Cost estimates and schedules
  • Development financing alternatives
  • Grants and incentives evaluation
  • Procurement management
  • Negotiation support and “ask” lists
  • Overall identification of key business issues and opportunities


  • Geotechnical investigations
  • Natural protected areas, transportation, utility and entitlement analysis
  • Regulated and hazardous materials sampling for water, soil and facilities
  • Facility condition and maintenance assessments for site, architectural and MEP systems
  • Building moisture intrusion investigations
  • ADA Accessibility review