Project Feasibility & Planning

While the process of developing a new facility may seem overwheming to some of our clients, we excel at making sense of the mutlitude of tasks to be completed.  We see the patterns in the larger picture and make order from chaos.  We must be precise and orderly because it’s important to mean what you say and to be clear in what you do.  Whether it is managing the design consultants, analyzing the cost and schedule, or acquiring qualified contractors, our process is designed to look out for our clients best interests and see all the possibilities.


  • Pre-design planning and project initiation
  • Project delivery strategies
  • Project management plans
  • Establish project management systems and reporting
  • Construction vendor market research
  • Project cost forecasting
  • Budgeting, funding and cash flow analysis
  • Preliminary and master project scheduling
  • Schedule alternatives and phasing
  • Existing building evaluation
  • Land acquisition and site selection
  • Research services


  • Preliminary & concept planning
  • Design workshops
  • Master planning
  • Landscape & hardscape planning
  • Area programming and space layout
  • Programmatic test-fit diagrams
  • Creative & thematic renderings
  • Architectural storyline development
  • Architectural character & imagery presentations
  • Hand sketch or sketch-up software renderings
  • Massing studies and models
  • Develop visual presentation material
  • Develop design guideline book and written descriptions
  • Estimates and quantity take-off
  • Existing facility evaluation
  • Tenant interior improvements